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Premium Wedding Photographer Brisbane & Beyond

Allow us to capture every precious exchange so you can enjoy what’s most important on your wedding day!


Here at Puremotion, we love bringing every couple’s own unique love story to life through collections of breathtakingly beautiful still images and cinematic film footage which perfectly capture the ambience, atmosphere and splendour of your wedding day.


Our multi-award winning and highly experienced photographers and cinematographers pride themselves on their passion for this industry and their ability to incorporate their creative vision with your cherished memories, in order to bring you some of the most exquisite photographic artwork that you will treasure for life and be proud to showcase in your home for generations to come.


We offer a premium service that is second to none, and from the moment you walk through our door or make initial contact to the final delivery of your beautiful images, you will be treated to a standard of luxury and comfort that is rare to find in today’s busy wedding industry. For striking wedding photography Brisbane, Gold Coast and worldwide couples truly adore, reach out to Puremotion today.


Our work is timeless, elegant and continues to be recognised both nationally and globally by some of the most reputable photography institutions (such as the WPPI and AIPP), with numerous awards and accreditations under our belt.

Our Wedding Photographers

Our photographers at Puremotion boast a highly skilled technical background fused with a rare blend of creative direction, allowing them to embark on each job with a sense of passion and expertise.


Renowned as a wedding photographer Brisbane and beyond to some of the most far-flung and exotic locations in the world, Puremotion Studio’s reputable and sought-after status has grown from a local business to one that branches out and leaves its mark on every corner of the globe.


This, in turn, has earned our Director of Photography, Alex Huang, the coveted title of Finalist for Travel Photographer of the Year for two consecutive years running with the Australian Industry of Professional Photography (AIPP).


The team at Puremotion are a dedicated, passionate group of talented and hard-working creatives who genuinely find joy in retelling your story to reflect the romance and raw emotion of your wedding day. Helping our clients tell their story through a visual feast is what we love doing best. It is our main goal and objective to successfully portray their personalities and the unique, beautiful connection they have with each other through our exquisite wedding photos and cinematic footage.


Given that we are a boutique studio, we like to limit the number of wedding bookings we accept every year which allows us to confidently apply the necessary skills and attention to detail to every individual job we take on. Due to this high standard, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a premium product to each and every one of our valued clients.


With our love for travel and experiencing all the wonders of the world, meeting incredible couples from every corner of the globe and immersing ourselves in a multitude of different cultures, traditions and surroundings, our photographers and cinematographers are well-versed in the art of taking spontaneous, candid and highly emotive imagery and footage. It’s a skill that can only be garnered by way of real life experience and the ability to connect with people as well as the nature that surrounds them.


Alex Huang, Puremotion’s Director of Photography, is a self-confessed travel enthusiast and finds the thrill in every adventure. His ability to take his clients on a journey that is reflected through breathtaking imagery and footage that they can treasure forever is what he is best renowned for.


“Being a Destination Wedding Photographer is the coolest job ever and I feel the greatest honor to have bestowed upon myself by my clients, as it shows that they trust me to capture their personalities in the rawest and happiest state of their relationship together. It also allows me to develop strong friendships and connections with each of my clients and this to me is the main ingredient when taking an intimate photograph of someone and the connection they share with their partner” – Alex Huang


The team at Puremotion are extremely dedicated to providing the highest possible standard in wedding photography Brisbane and beyond. We place a huge emphasis on premium-level customer care and delivering a product that is well-renowned for its unique and highly artistic qualities. We encourage our clients to allow us to take them on a journey with their love story so that when they see the images of their special day, not only are they flooded with those same incredible emotions that they felt on the actual day, but they are also proud to see themselves depicted in such a way that they can be honoured to have their images displayed in their home, on a canvas or large print.

Put simply – we produce Art of our real life.

The World Renowned Wedding Photographer Brisbane Couples Choose


Whether you love to travel or you live locally in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, Puremotion Studio can be there for you and your partner during the moments that count. We understand that often the sweetest and most tender of moments unfold in the most unexpected places, and whether that’s your favourite part of Brisbane or in an exotic destination far away, we can be by your side, capturing all those precious little exchanges and interactions to treasure forever.

Our premium services don’t stop at just wedding photography either – we also specialise in portrait and pre-wedding/engagement photography, and cinematography too.
We love meeting and working with people on so many different levels, and offering a wider service such as portraits and video allows us to open more doors to what we love to do best.


We like to capture real expressions and stories as they unfold. We want you to look at your wedding photos and video and have memories playing back in your mind, taking you back to that very moment celebrating the day you made the biggest promises of your life.


We are very much about creating an overall ‘experience’ for our customers, and one way we do this well is by combining your wedding photography with beautiful cinematic vision that was captured on your special day.


Allow us to help tell your story in the most authentic and beautiful way.