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Pre wedding photography

Why do Pre-Wedding Photography?

Pre-Wedding Photography is a popular service for the Asian market, and is becoming increasingly popular for Western couples also. Considering the busyness of a wedding day, having a pre wedding shoot allows for a completely unhindered and unrushed photography session. Often on the wedding day, there are many unforseen circumstances that come into play, and from our experience weddings generally don’t run exactly to schedule. Taking time for a pre wedding shoot not only makes the day run smoother and provides better images, it also provides a set of incredible photos to add visually to the wedding day.

Pre-Wedding Stories

What's the benefits of Pre-Wedding Photography?

Your pre wedding photos can be used as prints to really add something special to your reception, wowing your guests as they arrive, or a slideshow can be created to provide a personalised backdrop to the evening or even used as in item in the reception. The couples we have worked with previously have incorporated their pre-wedding photos into their special day in some wonderfully creative ways, and this has really taken their day to the next level, creating an incredible experience for both the couples and putting smiles on the faces of their guests.

Why Choose Puremotion?

International award winning photographer Alex Huang has travelled the world with couples, capturing some of the most amazing pre-wedding photos in the world.

Our team would love to capture your love story, and we would love to invite you to our Brisbane-based studio so we can meet, get to know what makes you unique and discuss how we can incorporate this into your shoot.

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