Wedding cinematography – Villa Botanica Wedding

Toni-Jo & Shaun “I’m not perfect but I promise to be perfect for you”

Gold Award – WPPI 2014 Wedding/Engagement Short Film

A friend asked me, not too long ago, what I was doing for the weekend. I said “Heading to Airlie Beach to film a wedding.” The conversation stopped – until the friend turned around and slowly said “And you get paid for this as well?” I really love my job. Airlie Beach is a beautiful holiday destination, perfect in surroundings and atmosphere. For Toni-Jo and Shaun, finding their love ‘on location’ was the beginning. Sharing their love ‘on location’ simply made sense. Every moment of the day had a breath of fresh air breezing through. It played in the curtains in the morning. It danced around Toni-Jo’s veil as she walked towards her groom. It was the most amazing constant – perfectly matched to the fresh love between Toni-Jo and Shaun. It lightened the day like laughter – and there was plenty of that going around! Villa Botanica has some of the most stunning gardens, with amazing outlooks. It is full of beautiful, natural lighting that could only enhance the same beauty pouring out of Toni-Jo. You see it when she starts her morning with a smile and champagne, thinking of the day ahead. From the make-up to the shoes and the gorgeous, intricate dress she calls “the hardest dress in the world to put on” – we see it all as simple, gracious, movements. Shaun was full of smiles and laughter as well. The laid-back setting of the Villa helped to ease his nerves, but you would never know – they were so well-hidden under his beaming face. Relaxed and carefree, Shaun simply looked the part of the loving groom enjoying this day to shine with the woman he loved. The relaxed holiday setting really did fit this celebration. Everyone knew they were here as guests on Toni-Jo and Shaun’s special day. We captured each of their personal touches – Toni-Jo’s uniquely stunning bouquet; Shaun’s time-less fob watch; sharing a shot of tequila with guests (the drink that started the whole romance!); and last by not least, the wedding cake – a traveller’s suitcase. Filled with loving memories, no doubt. As the sun set behind the Villa, we set up for the finale – a firework display! The bursts of colour and noise filled the air, as family and friends looked on. This was a celebration of a journey just beginning, down a road that will continue to be filled with fireworks, traveller’s tales and breezy holidays like this.

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