// SCENIC STORYTELLING // Queenstown Styled shoots

Earlier this year, Alex travelled to Queenstown, NZ for a select number of real life pre-wedding photoshoots that were an absolute privilege for him to capture and add to our expanding Destination Travel portfolio. In amongst his ridiculously busy schedule there, he still managed to squeeze two creatively styled shoots with the help of an all-round dream team.

In the weeks leading up to the trip, we decided to jam pack every day spent over there and fill in the gaps between client bookings with some incredibly breathtaking styled shoots that resulted in some of the most timeless and classic imagery set against the awe inspiring Queenstown backdrop. The rugged snow-capped mountain ranges and cobbled streets adorned with old chapels and their spiked steeples all helped to paint the authentic and mystical storytelling journey.

With the help of local talent agency ICAN Models, we were able to work with two of their stunning talents, Rachel and Johanna. Both girls vastly different in their look and style but this was exactly what we were wanting to feature.

The rest of our dream team consisted of the incredibly talented and well renowned Taiwanese stylist Wang Ping who had travelled all the way from her home land to be involved with our creative vision.

Finally, the exquisite gowns worn and featured on both models were all supplied by our partnering business; Stellar Atelier – which hires a wide variety of exclusive European designer & one-off gowns, sourced globally from premium bespoke bridal merchants.

‘Bride style’ inspiration for days was caught on camera and the results were nothing short of superb.


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