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We have been so lucky, welcomed into the intimate circle of weddings, engagements, family portraits – almost every special occasion you can think of. Being invited to share in these moments is personal; for our clients and for us.
But there is something very different – very public, about promotional videos for business. And it is such a buzz!
Maybe it was the thoughtful coffee our driver (and FlameWave Studios founder, Brent Cahill) picked up for us on the way. Maybe it was the stunning, secluded location the team had found for the group shots. Maybe it was the rush of the new product they were releasing and their enthusiasm that was so contagious!
Maybe it was all of these – Not sure, but the combination worked!
We were approached by Brent to prepare a short 2-minute film promoting his company’s new product, wRapt! – an iphone app putting a gift registry in your pocket. Brent and his team were so excited about the product and its launch, we were eager to jump on board.
Brent is a very hands-on guy. He also loves his photography, and really enjoys learning and sharing from others like us. With his suggestions, we found amazing locations to capture the true character of his team, while finding environments that really supported the modern and innovative approach to their app.
Our task included two elements: the promotional video for the app; and some photos of the team for their new website. The promotional video was totally prepared by the time we arrived, thanks to excellent teamwork with FlameWave Studios. We had a model, a script, props, two separate locations, and a soundtrack – all supporting the concept FlameWave Studios wanted to project. Check out the video here: It has definitely worked!
The photos were fantastic – single location with a plethora of perspectives. A hidden alcove off Sydney Harbour providing natural backdrops, stunning city panoramas, and plenty of action on the water for character shots. We’re keeping this one in mind for future projects in Sydney: it would be amazing for a wedding, and quiet enough to avoid too many people in the background.
The beauty that really brought this project together was the fantastic communication we had with our clients, FlameWave Studios. We spent quality time with them; getting to know their product; listening to their plans for further development; understanding the message they wanted to share with the world.
We always enjoy working with couples and families, capturing those intimate moments to share with loved ones. And now we also enjoy celebrating professional endeavours, helping businesses sell the message and grow into the amazing success stories they are destined to be.
Big thanks to FlameWave Studios and their product wRapt! It’s available free on iTunes for iPhones, with plans for Android and Windows later this year.

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