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14 Apr 2018

Emily & Stanley – Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove

28th of January 2018 – Gold Coast Wedding  The glass chapel is probably one of the most popular venue for couples to get married in the South East Queensland area. It’s only 40 minutes drive from Brisbane and 2o minutes from Gold Coast. Emily and Stanley chose this venue because they wanted to share their day with friends & families coming from all over the globe. It was a great way to enjoy a perfect Queensland summer. We had a […]

20 Jul 2017

The Secret lives of ‘Wedding Suppliers’…

….a staggered series, of behind the scenes Q&A’s with some of the hardest working people in the Brisbane bridal industry, bought to you by Puremotion Studio.   As we continue with our behind the scenes series into some of our favourite wedding suppliers in Brisbane, we turn our attentions to another business we were truly impressed with from the very moment we tasted their delicious rosewater infused cupcake icing, way back at a little bridal showcase where our stalls sat side by […]

09 Jul 2017

The secret lives of ‘Wedding Suppliers’…

A staggered series, of behind the scenes photos & Q&A’s with some of the hardest working people in the Brisbane bridal industry, bought to you by Puremotion Studio.   There is no doubt that a couple’s wedding day is by far the most important day of their lives and it’s no wonder that brides and grooms-to-be, take meticulous care and consideration when planning for the most momentous event they will ever embark on. So….we thought it apt to take a […]

26 Apr 2017

“Family Bonding & Forest Retreats”

Puremotion Portraits are becoming a popular service now in 2017 and we are so thrilled to be shooting more and more of these happy family snaps and documenting the love shared between families, young and old, big and small. Easter Sunday was no exception when we were lucky enough to shoot amongst a fairy tale forest setting situated in a secluded pocket of the lush location of Tambourine Mountains, at the Luxury “Escarpment Retreat”   where Gold coast couple, Ana […]

20 Apr 2017

Kate & Gary’s Wedding Day Dream

Cast your mind back a few weeks ago to April the 1st – more commonly known for its connection with being April Fool’s day but for our incredible couple Kate and Gary it was a chance for them to host a wedding that themselves & their guests will NEVER forget.  There was so much about this day to love, and we knew from very early on, that it was going to be a magical event, for not just the fun […]